# Validators

Validators are dApps, contracts and web3 services use kycNFTs to bring trust to their ecosystem.

Validating kycNFTs does not require a partnership with kycDAO, however, joining kycDAO allows the project to participate in the governance of trusted issuers and have an overview of the ever changing compliance environment. And, of course, public celebration of the frenship.

Minted kycNFTs do NOT store any personal information.

# Use cases

Grants and bounties are vast, ranging from building a technology stack to empowering developers and community members to pursue their dreams.

  • Limit payouts to trusted members
  • Accept applications only from trusted wallets
  • Meet tax requirements
  • Avoid regulatory scrutiny
  • Build a trusted community

DAOs are an emerging organizational structure with no central governing body whose members share a common goal to act in the entity's best interest through a bottom-up management approach.

  • Introduce trusted membership
  • Limit voting to trusted anons
  • Combat Sybil attacks
  • Raise funds from trusted partners
  • Trust your stewards
  • Create a sub-DAO with only trusted wallets
  • Issue compliant bounties
  • Drop benefits to trusted accounts

As NFTs become part of pop culture, the need for trust will grow, and the industry will face challenges to ensure trustworthiness and security in the market

  • Ensure trusted trade of NFTs (primary/secondary)
  • Develop trust in founders, artists, or multisig holders
  • Build a trusted NFT community
  • Drop benefits to trusted accounts
  • Issue bounties to trusted community members

Gaming took over the top spot as the most grossing entertainment sector; the introduction of true ownership and new trading mechanisms will enable the sector to go through a revolution.

  • Create a trusted player community
  • Introduce trusted gaming NFT trade opportunities
  • Combat bots and scammers
  • Enable trusted and non-trusted features for users
  • Drop benefits to trusted accounts

web3 social networks give users control over their data, identity, and relationships, enable permissionless innovation and rewire the power structures of social media

  • Use a symbol of trust
  • Interact with only trusted anons
  • Limit access to functions and features
  • Combat Sybil and bots
  • Lessen spam
  • Gib benefits

# Finance use cases

Decentralized finance eliminates intermediaries by allowing people, merchants, and businesses to conduct financial transactions through emerging technology.
Including but not limited to trade, yield, stake, lend, borrow, and earn platforms.

  • Integrate gating for trusted participants
  • Attract liquidity that requires compliance
  • Buidl novel compliant mechanisms

Representing physical and traditional financial assets as digital tokens on a blockchain.

  • Property
  • Carbon credit
  • Stocks
  • etc.

These essential payment rails allow crypto to grow.

  • Interact with only pre-verified accounts
  • Simplify compliance
  • On-board effortlessly

Nothing herein constitutes an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, any securities or tokens.

# Benefits

  • frictionless onboarding for kycDAO members
  • reusable compliance framework across web3
  • scalable across ecosystems
  • smart contract ready
  • easy to integrate
  • work with trusted anons

# kycDAO integration

Visit Quickstart to integrate kycDAO Widget and smart contracts. If you are stuck or have any questions, gib us a nudge via Support

# kycDAO Validator options

  • web3 gating
    • The highest level of trust is achieved if kycNFTs are required at smart contract level.
    • Integration should happen at contract level, see our guide here: Quickstart
  • web2 gating
    • Used when projects only need trusted front-end. It can achieved via using the kycNFT's validity status and works across multiple chains as long as the blockchain address is the same.
    • All kycDAO SDKs are equipped with this function. We recommend replacing the RPC service for maximum user-privacy.
    • NOTE: A direct smart contract call can circumnavigate this function.
  • showcase kycNFT in UI
    • kycNFTs represent a web3 version of a twitter tick. Integrating these trust symbols to your UI can help users navigate and interact with trusted wallets.