# kycDAO

kycDAO is the first interoperable web3 due diligence and compliance framework for wallets. It allows the ecosystem to develop compliant smart contracts.

kycDAO links self-hosted wallets with existing regulated off-chain accounts using a dynamic soulbound kycNFT. dApps, smart-contracts, and web3 services use these compliant proofs to create trusted ecosystems.

# Become a partner

Trust should be a composable building block within the decentralized infrastructure stack.

To join kycDAO as a partner fill out this form or ask us on discord

# The outlook:

kycDAO strives to become the source of trust in web3. The ecosystem fragmentation is a valid fear that will only create friction. Compliance is complex in a continuously changing environment. Let's ensure the trusted future of web3:

# kycDAO framework participants

  • Partners - "Partners". The network of the Issuers and Validators in the framework.
    • Issuers - are regulated entities that enable trusted anons to link their wallets to their compliant off-chain accounts.
    • Validators - dApps, contracts and web3 services using kycNFTs to bring trust to their ecosystem.
    • Compliance board - setting the requirements for issuers to create a trusted ecosystem. the board is not yet operational, join us to help designing it
  • Members - kycDAO members holding a valid kycNFT. They are the trusted anons

# kycDAO - the DAO

For full transparency, kycDAO is not yet decentralized. We chose to take a path to gradually decentralize kycDAO in line with the ecosystem growth. If you are interested to shape the DAO with us join us as a partner and make web3 more trusted.

# kycDAO is responsible for two key roles:

  • set and ensure requirements are met by all trusted Issuers
  • maintain kycDAO technical infrastructure. [smart contracts, backend to authorize trusted kycNFT minting, SDKs]

# To become a partner

To join kycDAO, fill out this Form or ask questions via discord