# Members

kycDAO members are the trusted anons of web3.

kycDAO membership offers seamless acceess to trusted web3 services.

# Joining kycDAO

To join kycDAO, a trusted anon should connect their self-hosted wallet with their compliant off-chain account. To finish joining as a member, a the wallet owner should mint their personalized dynamic kycNFT.

We designed kycDAO to solve on-chain trust while protecting our members privacy.

Members gain frictionless access to trusted partners across DAOs, Grants, Games, Payments, DeFi and many more.

We are using web3 native proofs to allow dApps and services to recognize kycDAO members. To learn more visit kycNFTs

# Membership fees

kycDAO has an annual membership fee, similar to ENS's rent. The difference is that kycDAO's soulbound NFT expire while ENS revokes its rented NFTs. kycNFTs represent a compliant account holder, while ENS names serve as a powerful tool to simplify web3 interactions. They are both a type of identity, but they are very different.

Individual membership

  • One year membership costs $5 .
  • The fee is paid together with the first kycNFT mint.
    • first mint: [number of years] x $5 + GAS
    • every following mint: GAS
  • the membership fee is denominated in the the native currency, unless stated otherwise.

Business/DAO membership

  • soon

Accredited investor

  • soon

# Membership types

kycDAO currently offers membership for individuals across a many countries and regions.

In the near future the framework will offer Business, Entreprise and DAO memberships to ensure that trusted access is available for parties.

In addition, we are collaborating with broker dealers and lawyers to make web3 native accreditation available for kycDAO members.

# Expiry

#what if it expires?