# Composable Compliance Making trust composable.

kycDAO is the first interoperable web3 native compliance framework.

kycDAO links self-hosted wallets with existing regulated off-chain accounts using a dynamic soulbound kycNFT. dApps, smart-contracts, and web3 services use these compliant proofs to create trusted ecosystems.

kycDAO members are the trusted anons of web3.

# Integrate complinace

# Join kycDAO

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We invite protocols, companies, multi-sigs, DAOs, Wallets, CeFIs, on-ramps and Banks committed to making web3 trusted to join the kycDAO and create a shared web3 native composable compliance infrastructure. As a community, we can enable decentralized services to align with regulations while avoiding industry fragmentation and preventing centralization.

Make trust a composable building block for the decentralized infrastructure stack

Issuers are regulated entities that enable trusted anons to link their wallets to their compliant off-chain accounts. Learn more about Issuers.
Validators are projects, dApps, smart contracts gating kycNFTs to create compliant services and deploy compliant smart-contracts without knowing their users. Learn more about Validators.

This is the last verification you need in web3!

We invite you to join kycDAO as a member , mint your personalized kycNFT and connect seamlessly to trusted dApps and services.

# Background

The crypto markets enabled innovation at an unprecedented pace, increasingly blurring the line between web2 and web3; regulation of the markets is intensifying; and the quest to establish trust is foundational.

Crypto, tokens, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations), and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) are part of the consciousness, yet to many mainstream communities, “crypto” has a tarnished reputation. Scams, rug-pulls, and hacks seriously deteriorated trust in "crypto". Confusion over what it means to be “CeFi” or “DeFi” and educational gaps have, hindered the real scale of adoption and growth.

The next cycle in crypto will center around trust.

Web3 has matured along with its recognition from a niche sub-culture to pop culture-level fame and from obscure forum entries to the desks of regulators and institutional investors. Contrary to the early days of blockchains, solving for trust is imperative can be a competitive advantage. The untapped opportunity of trust will be at the forefront of the next cycle and beyond for mature, thoughtful leaders in the web3 space, building for a better tomorrow.

To prepare web3 for the next cycle, kycDAO is solving the quest of linking web2 type compliant verifications to web3 as a baseline for trust. The opportunities are limitless when we solve pseudonymous trust and bridge the real and the metaverse.

# A trusted ecosystem

kycDAO is compliance designed for web3.

kycNFTs are the core building blocks of the broader kycDAO trust infrastructure. The multi-chain framework combines web3 primitives and maintains support for the globally evolving regulatory compliance requirements. The dynamic soulbound NFTs minted by trusted kycDAO Issuers are composable proofs to build a trusted ecosystem.

kycDAO trusted Issuers manage compliance and due diligence already. kycDAO scales and maintains the needed web3 infrastructure component of due diligence into a composable proof of pseudo-anonymous compliance.

Additionally, kycDAO takes privacy seriously, and no PII (Personal Identifiable Information) is ever published on chain. Learn more

One-off KYC verifications do not meet compliance requirements, rendering them equal to centralized proof-of-human verifications. Web3 has already developed efficient Proof-of-Human [Sybil resistant] services collected under Gitcoin Passport.

# Use cases

Grants and bounties are vast, ranging from building a technology stack to empowering developers and community members to pursue their dreams.

  • Limit payouts to trusted members
  • Accept applications only from trusted wallets
  • Meet tax requirements
  • Avoid regulatory scrutiny
  • Build a trusted community

DAOs are an emerging organizational structure with no central governing body whose members share a common goal to act in the entity's best interest through a bottom-up management approach.

  • Introduce trusted membership
  • Limit voting to trusted anons
  • Combat Sybil attacks
  • Raise funds from trusted partners
  • Trust your stewards
  • Create a sub-DAO with only trusted wallets
  • Issue compliant bounties
  • Drop benefits to trusted accounts

As NFTs become part of pop culture, the need for trust will grow, and the industry will face challenges to ensure trustworthiness and security in the market

  • Ensure trusted trade of NFTs (primary/secondary)
  • Develop trust in founders, artists, or multisig holders
  • Build a trusted NFT community
  • Drop benefits to trusted accounts
  • Issue bounties to trusted community members

Gaming took over the top spot as the most grossing entertainment sector; the introduction of true ownership and new trading mechanisms will enable the sector to go through a revolution.

  • Create a trusted player community
  • Introduce trusted gaming NFT trade opportunities
  • Combat bots and scammers
  • Enable trusted and non-trusted features for users
  • Drop benefits to trusted accounts

web3 social networks give users control over their data, identity, and relationships, enable permissionless innovation and rewire the power structures of social media

  • Use a symbol of trust
  • Interact with only trusted anons
  • Limit access to functions and features
  • Combat Sybil and bots
  • Lessen spam
  • Gib benefits

# Finance use cases

Decentralized finance eliminates intermediaries by allowing people, merchants, and businesses to conduct financial transactions through emerging technology.
Including but not limited to trade, yield, stake, lend, borrow, and earn platforms.

  • Integrate gating for trusted participants
  • Attract liquidity that requires compliance
  • Buidl novel compliant mechanisms

Representing physical and traditional financial assets as digital tokens on a blockchain.

  • Property
  • Carbon credit
  • Stocks
  • etc.

These essential payment rails allow crypto to grow.

  • Interact with only pre-verified accounts
  • Simplify compliance
  • On-board effortlessly

Nothing herein constitutes an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, any securities or tokens.

# Support

Technical support questions are best asked on our Discord. The discussions are monitored 24 hours a day and we will do our best to assist.

If you find a defect or would like to submit a feature request, please create an Issue and we will investigate right away.

Do you have a general inquiry? Please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

We ❤️ feedback.