# Wallet(s)

kycNFTs are wallet-independent.

Web3 is about interoperability, and kycDAO framework offers maximum flexibility using blockchain native primitives.

kycNFTs are minted directly to the connected blockchain address, enabling our members to port between wallets without losing the trusted membership proof.

Blockchains are not the same, and neither are our contracts. We retain core functionality between deployed contracts, but our implementation of the kycNFT will always follow the chain's best practices.

# Supported wallets:

We will keep extending the list of supported wallets as our ecosystem grows.

# Multi-wallet

At start, a member can only link one blockchain address to their compliant account. It means, members are not yet able to link different wallets together. We accepted this limitation temporarily, yet kycDAO is already working on a solution to link together multiple blockchain addresses. Stay tuned.

# Lost access to your wallet?

Please get in touch via Support
kycDAO support will help.

We missed a wallet we should support? Join our Discord and let us know!