• Trusted Anon?

    • kycDAO members are the trusted anons of web3.
      • trusted because of their linked compliant account to their self-hosted wallets.
      • anon, or anonymous, as projects using kycDAO will not have personal data but know they interact with trusted partners.
      • valid as they have a live membership with kycDAO

    Read more on trusted anons in our docs.

    Join kycDAO as a trusted anon: https://kycdao.xyz/join

  • What is kycDAO?

    kycDAO is the first interoperable web3 due diligence and compliance framework for wallets. It allows the ecosystem to develop compliant smart contracts.

    Learn about kycDAO in our docs.

  • How does kycDAO work?

    kycDAO links self-hosted wallets with existing compliant off-chain accounts using a dynamic soulbound kycNFT. dApps, smart-contracts, and web3 services use these compliant proofs to create trusted ecosystems.

  • Why issue a non-transferable or soulbound NFT?

    Because identity should not be transferable. Read more on our blog.

  • What is a kycNFT?

    These dynamic soulbound NFTs represent a trusted membership in kycDAO. These web3 primitives is used by trusted dApps and services.

    kycNFTs are the web3 version of the Twitter ✔️, but they are unique and owned by the user.

    Learn more in our docs.

    If you are an artist who is excited about unique identity NFTs, please reach out to us on discord

  • Really multichain?

    Initially we will be live on Polygon/CELO/NEAR but as time passes we will keep adding chains across ecosystems. Review our list on our docs.

    If you have a preferred chain, join discord and tell us by voting.

  • Can I mint multiple KYC NFTs to a single address on the same chain?

    Not yet. Soon ;)

  • Can I have the same verification linked to different wallets?


  • Wen accredited investor?

    Soon, for details get in touch using this form.

  • Wen Business verification?

    Soon, for details get in touch using this form.

  • Who are the kycDAO partners?

    Trust should be a composable building block within the decentralized infrastructure stack.

    We invite protocols, companies, multi-sigs, DAOs, Wallets, CeFIs, on-ramps and Banks committed to making web3 trusted to join the kycDAO and create a shared web3 native composable compliance infrastructure. As a community, we can enable decentralized services to align with regulations while avoiding industry fragmentation and preventing centralization.

    Lear more of the framework in our docs.

    Join/Learn more as a partner using this Form, ping us on Discord or get in touch [email protected].

  • Membership at kycDAO for trusted anons?

    kycDAO has an annual membership fee, similar to ENS's rent. The difference is that kycDAO's soulbound NFT expire while ENS revokes its rented NFTs. kycNFTs represent a compliant account holder, while ENS names serve as a powerful tool to simplify web3 interactions. They are both a type of identity, but they are very different.

    Join kycDAO as a trusted anon: https://kycdao.xyz/join

  • How long is your membership valid?

    • It’s valid as long as you sign up for.
  • What if I loose access to my wallet that has a KYC NFT?

    Immediately get in touch with us. Ideally on Discord

  • Wen DAO?

    Gradually. We are building composable compliance and identity and compliance are both veri complex problems. We are doing our best to make things work, so we can introduce an effective governance for a product and not only a concept. Join our community to keep up to date with the latest news Discord

  • How do I integrate kycDAO?