# Compliance

kycDAO is the first interoperable web3 due diligence and compliance framework for wallets. It allows the ecosystem to develop compliant smart contracts.

The framework inherits existing web2 financial progress by relying on existing compliant accounts. Each kycDAO issuer ensures complaint user onboarding according to their internal compliance processes, which must also meet the requirements set by kycDAO. These alignments afford a high level of trust to each issuer and the entire kycDAO framework, where kycNFT holders are known by someone but operate as trusted anons .

Issuers handle compliance. Issuers are trusted service providers of the framework. The kycDAO compliance board approves each issuer that meets the set requirements.

As kycDAO safeguards the connection between the Issuer and the wallet address linked to the Issuer, kycDAO, with a reasonable request, will provide the Issuer entity's name in the case of a legal proceeding.

Nothing herein constitutes an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, any securities or tokens.