# Onboarding

A guide for the verification process and kycNFT minting

# Overview

This guide will help you implementing the whole process of minting a kycNFT. The process consists of the following steps:

  1. Login to kycDAO with your wallet
  2. Make the user accept the disclaimer
  3. Gather some personal information from the user
  4. Confirm email
  5. Verification
  6. Select membership duration
  7. Select kycNFT image to mint
  8. Mint kycNFT

The user can end up at almost any point of the verification process. It is important to manage that users may interrupt the verification process and return later to complete the flow. You can determine the next step of the user using various state properties of the VerificationSession, for example disclaimerAccepted. Keep in mind that these values may change for an existing user. For example the disclaimer acceptance will be reseted if the contents of the disclaimer change and a new user consent is required.

# Requirements

Before you can implement the verification flow, you must follow either the DApp and Web2 Integration guide for DApps or the Wallet Integration guide.

# Steps

# 1. Login

Once you obtained a VerificationSession as shown in DApp and Web2 Integration and Wallet Integration guide, you can login your wallet to that session.


# 2. Accepting the disclaimer

The user has to accept the disclaimer before being able to interact with kycDAO services. You can get the disclaimer text from disclaimerText, the ToS link from termsOfService and the Privacy Policy link from privacyPolicy.

if (!verificationSession.disclaimerAccepted) {

# 3. Supplying personal information

It can be checked whether this step was already completed or not by reading the value of requiredInformationProvided. If not, then the required informations have to be provided by the user and submited. This step will fail if the disclaimer is not yet accepted.

if (!verificationSession.requiredInformationProvided) {
    var personalData = PersonalData(
        email = "[email protected]",
        residency = "US", // Residency is in ISO 3166-2

A user's email address can be changed with updateEmail(_:), but only if the user never requested minting before.

# 4. Confirm email

After calling setPersonalData(_:), in order to proceed forward the email has to be confirmed by the user.

If the user failed to recive or lost the email, then it may be resent by calling the resendConfirmationEmail() function. You could also let them edit their email address with updateEmail(_:) to correct an incorrect email address.


Listening for email confirmation is done by calling resumeOnEmailConfirmed(), this will suspend the coroutine until we receive a positive response, that the email has indeed been confirmed.

if (!verificationSession.emailConfirmed) {

# 5. Verification

Verification is currently done through Persona. You can check whether the user already has an accepted verification using the property verificationStatus.

VerificationStatus Meaning
verified The user was successfully verified
processing The user is under verification
notVerified The user is not verified (missing or rejected verification)

The Persona identity verification process will launch an intent, for this an Activity is requried. You can launch the identity process by calling

val status = verificationSession.startIdentification(activity)
when (status) {
	IdentityFlowResult.COMPLETED -> {
        // User completed Persona
	IdentityFlowResult.CANCELLED -> {
        // Persona was cancelled by the user

To wait for the identity verification to complete, use resumeWhenIdentified(), which suspends the coroutine until the user becomes verified.

# Logical flow for the verification

if (verificationSession.verificationStatus == PROCESSING) {


} else if (verificationSession.verificationStatus == NOT_VERIFIED) {

    var identityResult = verificationSession.startIdentification(activity)

    if(identityResult == IdentityFlowResult.COMPLETED){


# 6. Select membership duration

In order to mint a kycNFT, you need to purchase a kycDAO membership.

  • Check the user's membership status with hasMembership.

If the user does not have a membership, they have to buy one. They can buy memberships that last from a one year minimum period till multiple years.

The price of membership goes up linearly with the membership duration. It is currently set in cost per year.

  • Get the current cost by calling getMembershipCostPerYear()

Your user can receive a discount for a number of years, for example the first year can be free, regardless of how many years you purchase: if you purchase 1 year, your membership for that 1 year subscription will be free in this case.

  • Estimate the user's membership payment for any number of years by calling estimatePayment(yearsPurchased:)
  • Get the number of discounted years granted to the user from PaymentEstimation > discountYears
// Display yearly membership cost in dollars
val cost = verificationSession.getMembershipCostPerYear()
membershipCost.setText("\$$cost / year")

// Calculating membership payment estimation for 3 years
// then displaying the payment amount and applied discounts
val paymentEstimation = verificationSession.estimatePayment(3u)

if (paymentEstimation.paymentAmount > 0) {
} else {

if (paymentEstimation.discountYears > 0) {
    discountYears.setText("Discounted years applied: ${paymentEstimation.discountYears}")
} else {
    discountYears.setText("No discounts")

The selected membership duration will be used to request minting with requestMinting(selectedImageId:membershipDuration:)

# 7. Select kycNFT image to mint

First you should obtain the possible kycNFT images by calling getNFTImages(). This returns an array of TokenImages, which has an url field usable to preview the kycNFT images.

After the user selected their image of choice, the minting has to be authorized for that particular image and selected membership duration (in years) with requestMinting(selectedImageId:membershipDuration:)

In case the user already has membership, setting a membership duration will have no effect, but it is recommended to set it to 0 for them.

val nftImages = verificationSession.getNFTImages()
val selectedImage = nftImages.first() // user selects a single TokenImage out of nftImages
val membershipDuration = 3u // get the membership duration based on the user's input
verificationSession.requestMinting(selectedImage.id, membershipDuration)

# 8. Mint kycNFT

# Display mint price estimation to user

Call getMintingPrice() for mint price estimation, which includes:

  • membership payment amount for the selected duration
  • gas fee
  • currency information
  • full price of minting
var mintingPrice = verificationSession.getMintingPrice()
//Here fullPrice is an TextView

# Mint

The returned MintingResult can be used to let the user view their transaction on the explorer linked by explorerURL, show them the kycNFT using imageURL, or write some custom logic around tokenId and transactionId.

let mintingResult = verificationSession.mint()